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About us

  Wuxi Changhong Chemical Plastic Color Granules Co., Ltd. has produced high-tech plastic color masterbatches, performance additives and special effect masterbatches since 1993. In order to meet the rapid development of the plastic industry, we continue to introduce high-quality production equipment and technology, and integrate superior resources. In 2005, Langxi Changhong Masterbatch Co., Ltd. was established to produce plastic black and white masterbatches.

  Since 2015, we have successfully started to produce high-end polyester and nylon filament and staple fiber color masterbatch. After years of practical struggle and innovation, our annual production capacity has reached 50000 tons of color masterbatch.

  As a supplier and manufacturer of domestic masterbatches, we provide plastic masterbatches, fiber masterbatches, additives and special effect masterbatches, which are widely used in the fields of household appliances, packaging, fiber, automobile, building materials and medical treatment.

  It is our eternal commitment to provide customers with comprehensive products and efficient services. We sincerely welcome your presence and patronage! I hope we can achieve mutual benefit and win-win results and achieve harmonious and sustainable development!